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Yesterday’s Dreams

Yesterday's dreams
Yesterday’s Dreams © Jack Vettriano

Every so often a painting makes you stop and wonder…

While viewing the work of other competitors in an art and photography exhibition I had taken part in over the holidays, I was browsing, sizing up the competition. There were 2 pictures that caught my eye, side by side, of a woman and I just thought the photography was amazing…until I went closer and realised it was paintings!

I was really impressed by them until I walked past a book store and saw the same woman. I then realised she was a Jack Vettriano impression repainted by an avid fan. Could you believe this is a painting and not a photograph? And what is she thinking staring out that window? Is trouble over, or just beginning?

I have always liked Jack Vettriano’s style of painting. It has a ‘Mad Men’ 60s vibe to it. The capturing of light on canvas is realistic and there seems to be a real person behind the characters in paint. While analysing, I find myself weaving a story about who she is, what she does and what she is thinking. You know a great painting when it can capture your imagination.

For further information on Yesterday’s Dreams, please visit Jack Vettriano’s online gallery.


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