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Old Compton Street and Molly Moggs

The strokes and swipes of paint on John Walsom’s Old Compton street painting make me believe that this is the street at night, right after an all day downpour of rain. It’s like you’re in the back of a cab on a Friday, after a long day of work, then an evening with friends for dinner.

Your own your way home and the cabbie takes a turn down Old Compton street past the Mollg Moggs pub in Soho. As you’re out of the rain and ready to go home, you and turn around to view the street through the rear view window, and this is the image John has captured.

At least, this is what I envision when I look at the painting.

John Walsom - Old Compton Street
Old Compton Street and Molly Moggs by John Walsom © John Walsom

I guess a Londoner with a love for their hometown would view this in a different light to a foreigner, or someone passing through. I see home in this paining, the rain provides a bit of comfort and normalcy, as this is typical weather after all. Bright lights in a big city, but a small city for locals, as this looks just like another scenic night drive through your neighbourhood.
For further information on this painting pleaes visit the John Walsom online gallery.
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