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Art & Design, Lifestyle, Photography


Elle x GHD - The live shootThere may be parts of the art world that are exclusive, but in London there are enough events regardless of budget to allow everyone to experience a lifestyle filled with the newest art and photography on display.

With so many of our museums and galleries are open daily and free to enter is a major advantage on other art nouveau cities such as New York and Paris. While exclusivity may come from the price of buying and selling art, that should not put anyone off from enjoying it, as to be honest, there is talent out there at every price range. You may be paying for the rarity  or the popularity, so if you are just after art or photography that suits your style and budget, it is out there.

While it is a good time ‘getting pissed’ on a Friday with friends in a club, it can equally be a nice evening out with friends enjoying a couple of cocktails or drinks in an artistic setting. It is not a ‘stuffy’ as you think, as many of the art and photography events over the past few years have been held in the trendiest bars, with DJ  or live music and free drinks included.

I have had the opportunity to visit and experience a wide range of art and photography exhibits, including some exclusive events that were not open to the public over the past few years, yet I am still always surprised by how different each event is, and I have also met every character under the sun, which makes for a great story and great memories!

I will be giving you insight into my experience in various exhibitions that have taken place in London, with emphasis on the artists I have stumbled upon that I think are names to remember. There will be a little bit of opinion thrown in as I critique their work as well.

Cary x


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