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The Atlas of Beauty - San-Francisco


“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud

I have always had an interest in photography but only began to take it seriously a few years ago when I bought myself a bridge camera to practice techniques on. Some of you may laugh at my ‘amateur’ bridge, but I do know some people who have a bazooka of a camera, the biggest dSLR you can find, yet they only use it on the automatic mode.

I don’t feel that I am quite at the dSLR level as yet, so in my opinion, if you can master the most difficult techniques on a simple camera, your images will be more flawless and effortless on an advanced camera. It is then that I will consider myself a true photographer. A dSLR is great and I will eventually use one as my main camera, but until I know my bridge inside out and mastered it, I don’t feel the need for one.

I can’t imagine any aspect of my day to day life without some form of photography, and what better way to capture split-seconds of life that we cannot fully appreciate before they have gone too fast. Photography, like art, is a factual moment in time that can bring subjective emotions. The same image can bend the truth, lie to you, tell you the whole story, or create one.

My Focal will feature some of my own photography, as well as that of photographers that I admire to display my own progress in attempting to step out of the amateur zone and the masters of photography that continue to spur me on to keep trying new techniques that will tell a visual story to others through my lens.

Cary x


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