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Holly Nichols illustration and prints

I fell in love with one of Holly Nichols’ fashions illustrations recently. Specialising in mainly beauty and fashion illustration, her technique is quite unqiue. The prints giving the feeling that each drawing ,with its straight lines and bold colurs was perfected on first attempt. It probably wasn’t but still, I get that feeling…

Find a character anywhere…

Holly’s designs feel a bit more grown up than what some other fashion illustrators offer, especially as her characters are more ordinary and everyday, not just replicas of celebrities. This appeals to me more as there’s a sense of watching a stranger that you may pass by on the street. Holly’s designs also show different types of characters; from bookworms to the ‘girl-next-door’ type, fashionistas, glam squads and even signature prints to represent styles capitals of the world. How cute!

Some of my favourites prints include ‘The fine art of staying in’ (showcasing a bit of bookshelf chic), ‘Camera squad’ and ‘Rose’. Holly’s street style images interest me more for the down-to-earth nature of the characters, as many women will find a personal interest with one of Holly’s illustrations. I’d like to think I see myself a bit in ‘Rose’ as she has frizzy hair and glasses, like a lot of women do (myself included)!

While Holly Nichols’ illustrations are different in style from Inslee Haynes’, I do compare the sketching technique of both artists as Inslee is one of my favourite illustrators. I love that Holly is focusing more on the everyday reality of style, whereas Inslee is more an expert on all things glam.

When you have a moment, check out Holly Nichols’ fashion illustrations and prints on her website and let me know which print is your favourite!

Cary x

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