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Artistic direction: Taylor Swift’s Style video

She’s smart, beautiful and a poster child for generation Y – Taylor Swift’s video for her song Style works well to show a different side of her.Taylor swift video still

I never really took her that seriously until this video. I think the video for Style is definitely a step up for her in regards to artistic expression, and while many viewers have commented that they think the video does not match the song, I disagree.

I love this video! I love the concept and the interchanges that occur between Taylor and model Dominic Sherwood, even thought most of the video does not have them physically interacting. It’s more about the ‘connection’ the couple has and how strong it is when they’re not with each other, just as strong as when they are. This is illustrated clearly with the use of mirrors and projections of each other, on each other.


Taylor starts off the video with a profile view, but with the silhouette of her head changing into a view of Dominic, it insinuates that she has him on her mind. I find this a clever way of saying something without saying anything at all.

The projecting of memories of each other on their bodies continues to reiterate the ‘oneness’ of their relationship as, while looking at Taylor in the video, you’re looking at Dominic, and vice versa…

Not to mention Dominic is my kind of guy (hot!) and his one brown eye/one blue eye (Heterochromia) is so cute! The whole video is ethereal, dream-like, haunting and more like a synopsis of a CW storyline all wrapped up in under 5 minutes. For a young, successful, talented singer/songwriter such as Taylor Swift, I think this artistic direction suits her well.

Style video still

Subliminal messaging

The nod to Harry Style’s paper plane pendant twice in the video suggest Taylor may have once again written this song about her ex. So was Taylor Swift channeling emotions she felt about Harry Styles (of One Direction) in the video while Dominic Sherwood channeled his feelings for Sarah Hayland (of Modern Family fame)?

Style video still 3

Directed by Kyle Newman, the video has little details that, although aren’t hidden, are easy to miss unless you watch the video intently. What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new style of video? While many say it’s Taylor trying too hard to portray a more grown up version of herself, I say as she’s been in the music business for a decent amount of years now, I think she doesn’t have to ‘try’, she just does Taylor.

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