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Rain walk
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I have always had an interest in the thought process behind the work of creatives, especially when it is artistic. As an amateur photographer that takes an interest in the art scene, My Focal is my personal take on how we interpret a visual representation in unique ways.

What one person sees and feels from the execution of a project can sometimes exude an emotion or understanding different from everyone else in the room and this is how one person’s idea of art can be deemed nonsense by another.

Next time you are at an exhibit, go on and strike up a conversation with the stranger next to you, lost in a visual world that blurs all reality around him. Most likely, their opinion is polar opposite from yours.

My focal is therefore where I share my interpretation of the art and photography that I have been exposed to over the years, the emotions it evokes and the understanding I have gained from these subjective works of art. Some artists and artistes will be mentioned time and time again on my blog, as over time my favourites become clear as I gravitate towards their style and connect with a part of their work that may have been meant to be se in a completely different sense of meaning, but this is what I enjoy the most about being creative.

Cary x