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Multi-functional fashion with prints

In the past five years, Ankara (African print) has taken the western fashion market by storm, with an increase in celebrities embracing these unique vibrant prints from Africa. The Knowles sisters (Beyoncé and Solange for those unsure) have been photographed on numerous occasions with what you would expect to be mis-matched printed in one outfit. The thing with Ankara though, is it breaks the rules or colour and print, making it good fabric for multi-functional fashion.

Ankara fabric on sale
Ankara fabric on sale © Pinterest

I have been a fan of Ankara for some time now, but I am a novice to actually wearing it. This is why I am happy that I have found a brand that carries so many different unique prints created in a western fashion that are multifunctional for today’s busy women, while keeping true to the style in which they were meant to be worn.

YouMeWe is the brainchild of Chantel Koning and her sisters, who have very modern Ankara print pieces that can easily become wardrobe staples for those who like colour in their lives. My favourites include the pumpkin skirt, which can also be worn as a halter-neck top and the pata-pata dress that can worn seven ways.

All handmade with care and attention, thses prints allow for you to buy a piece that may be a one-off design due to the rarity of the print, and with so many colour combinations and patterns, I suggest you visit the stall to try on a few pieces before making your decision. Some of the prints suit certain skin tones so well, that sometimes the one of the hanger you would disregard can be perfect for you when worn. Chantel is also happy to assist with choosing the right Ankara for your personality as I’ve seen when putting on some prints and realising they were a bit too ‘loud’ for me. The colour combinations range for mild to a full blast of colour so there will be a suitable print for everyone.

What I love about YouMeWe is the versatility and sustainability of the clothing. Not only are the fabrics and prints authentic, but the multi-funtionalism of each piece allows you to wear each items on repeat for years without getting bored and you yourself can wear it any way you like. There is no rule to wearing each piece like conventional clothing.

I chose to stick to the greens and greys on offer as I wanted a pop of colour that was not too show-stopping that can be dressed up or down, to be worn as a skirt at work on a Friday with a white shirt, but transformed into an after work  dress for cocktails at a bar in the evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a wardrobe full of black as well, but for those out there who like to have their own style while looking fashionable, these pieces are definitely more fun that what you will find in a high street store.

YouMeWe is located at Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW so next time you are browsing, there’s no harm in trying on some Ankara.

Cary x

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