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Mixology at the House of Peroni

On entry, I suddenly had a feeling this would be my kind of cocktail evening…

Simone Caporale, one of London’s best mixologists was the adventitious genius behind the drinks menu at the House of Peroni italian pop-up gastronomic experience in Brick Lane. Adventitious if you take into account the clever combination of ingredients and the presentation of the cocktails served; genius when you taste it. The art of cocktail-making was on full display every evening en la Piazza.

The first drink that caught my eye was the ‘Compo Dei Fiori’. This fruity infusion made by the Artesian bar team mixed in your palette with the infused vapours of bergamot flowers and frankincense to place on your senses  long before your from first sip.

© The House of Peroni
© The House of Peroni

There were unique experiences with every cocktail, tempting you to try a different one every time. At this rate, I was tempted to visit every bar at the House to experience them all. (and yes, I restrained myself from doing so!)


My drink of choice for the evening was the ‘Peroni Negroni’. Served with a curious looking ‘aromatic cloud’ (a.k.a., a clear bag of air) and a toothpick, I had to ask the bartender the right way to enjoy it. He carefully explained that the idea behind the accessory: ” pierce a small hole into the bag, small enough to slowly release the aromas inside.” The cloud contained a replication of the smell of an Italian countryside and its rustic aromas, so the idea is that You sip the drink, inhale a bit of the aromas, an become transported back in time to a vision of true Italy.

While some may view this as ‘ridiculous’, I see it as an inventive way to put a bit of fun into the drink, and heighten the interest around Italian gastronomy. It surely made me smile, as the drink itself did not disappoint either.

I look forward to a whole new experience next time x

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