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Art & Design, Lifestyle, Photography

The Atlas of Beauty

I have recently stumbled upon Mihaela Noroc’s campaign to combine a collection of images of beautiful women from all walks fo life, as proof that natural beauty is diverse and in every part of the world.

I love this concept. It’s part experiment, part documentation of the world in which we live today. There is a time capsule-like element to her photography. We all know that the cultures, traditions, styles, fashions and maybe even ethnic groups that mihaela will come across may not all be there for us to explore and celebrate in the future.
Kichwa woman in Ecuadorian amazonian rainforest
Kichwa woman in Ecuadorian Amazonian rainforest © Mihaela Noroc

In the western world, there is definitely a change in the way we physically look in terms of average weight (no doubt we’re getting bigger…), height (we seem to be getting taller with every generation…) and physical appearance (we are gradually all moving towards are more multi-ethnic genetic composition).

What Mihaela is attempting to do seems like a national geographic project, but on her own for personal satisfaction, but the potential her campaign can have in documenting life in this age in the many different niche areas of the world that many of us will never get the opportunity to venture to is wonderful.
Rio de Janeiro woman
Rio de Janeiro woman
© Mihaela Noroc
Through her images she is showcasing art as photography and a moment in what will soon become history captured in time. Don’t just look at the physical beauty of her subjects, but the lifestyle in the background. It paints a picture of social status, class, culture and how well tradition has been passed on through generations.
I would like to see Mihaela’s The Atlas of Beauty project become a success, which is why I recommend you all visit her Portfolio of Beauty and support her in any way you can. I definitely will be.
Cary x

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